What is a cookie file

Cookie is a small file that contains data. Those files are stored right on your tablet, phone or computer and are able to track your previous activity on websites. Files contain for example information about your browser, user’s IP adress, date and time of visit, visited pages or so. Cookie files have two different ways of expiration. They can expire when you close the browser (disconnect from the internet), or they expire after a specific time period.

Why do we use them?

We use cookies to improve quality of our website, for marketing and analytics. So they basically serve for improving our website and your user experience.

Personal data protection

We always store cookie files a safe way, so the user person could never be identified from specific cookie file from all data, which it contains.

What types of cookie files do we use?

There are two types of cookie files that we use, especially to improve our website, analytics and marketing purposes. They serve a basic functionality in two ways:

  • Essential – they are important for providing basic functionality to our website
  • Analytic – they help us to improve our website


Some of the information stored to the cookie files are used by third-party analytics services, for analytics, marketing purposes and improving our website.


We use cookie files listed below:

Cookie nameTypeExpiration
Google Analytics
(_ga, _gat)
Analytic_ga – 2 years
_gat – 10 minutes
catAccCookiesEssential1 moth

How to deny using cookie files?

Typically in your browser, the default setting is for accepting cookie files. In case that you want to deny using those files, you can find more information on links listed below depending on browser you are using:


Internet Explorer (IE):
Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:


If you are looking for different information about cookie files and their settings, you can find it on: